Unity – Car Rendering


Unity – Skin (Texture Space Diffusion)

Texture space diffusion for Unity.



Advanced Techniques for Realistic Real-Time Skin Rendering
Real-Time Approximations to Subsurface Scattering


UDK – Car Paint


Earth Rendering

Two nights of shading networks in UDK.

The Waterfall

Based on a concept by Jaime Martínez.

I decided to bring Martínez concept to life because of the potential I found on it: it was a good place to implement cool rendering features and a peaceful environment to work on.


Download video.

CinéPolis, a Cinema Browser

“Cinépolis” was my final year project (NVQ in Computer Programming, 2010-2011, Madrid).

I was aware that the final year project played a great role in displaying all that had been learnt during the computer programming studies. However, I wanted to take a step beyond, increasing my knowledge in programming and creating a final project slightly different from the others. Thus, I worked hard and I learnt WPF. After four intensive weeks, I was ready to start my project: « Cinépolis, a Cinema Browser ».

« Cinépolis » is an application that allows users to find a cinema for the movie they are looking for. The program works reading the information from an access database. When the movie is found, a list is shown. Once the movie is selected, its trailer is automatically played. The overview and the cinemas, plus some useful info, are also shown.
I built most of the controls with Expression Blend. WPF is awesome. 😀

Image Based UI

I wanted to learn a bit more about fashion UIs, so I picked “FumeSleep” for my training. After some practice, my final impression is that as everything is made with Photoshop, making this kind of UI is faster. However, making it look ‘modern’ and beautiful takes longer than the traditional way. Also, future editing/maintenance can become quite uncomfortable.

Casino De La Laguna

This is my first attempt at making an architectural visualization in 3ds max, using Mental Ray. 

The 19th century building is located in the city of La Laguna, in Tenerife, my island home.