About Me

Freelance workaholic with 10 years of experience in the field of technical art.

After 6 years working on-site for different companies based in Madrid, I decided to start a solo career.

Currently based in Tenerife (Canary Islands) I help many different companies from all around the world providing technical art solutions for their projects.

Professional Experience

  • Freelance Technical Artist (02/14 – Present Day)

Solving problems worldwide 🙂

  • Technical Artist at Tequila Works (02/12 – 02/14)

I was mainly in charge of post-processing effects, general technical art and lighting for Deadlight game.
Particle effects and technical art for the game ‘Rime’.

  • UDK Lecturer at U-Tad (02/13 – 08/13)

UDK lectures for Master in Videogames Art at the U-Tad (Centre of Digital Art & Technology), Madrid.

  • Freelance graphics programmer at SKS Games  (08/13 – 12/13)

Graphics R&D for the game ‘The Forest‘.

  • Freelance Technical Artist at Adhesive Games  (07/12 – 12/12)

Shader creation for Hawken.

  • Technical Artist at Virtual Toys (12/10 – 02/12)

Technical duties such as Fx, shaders, tools scripting, art pipelines, research and technical support.

  • 3D & Technical Artist at Freedom Factory (03/10 – 11/10)

Visual effects, developing particle effects and shaders under Trinigy’s Vision Engine.
Other duties: level design, 3D modelling and texturing.

  • Freelance 3D Artist at Radioactive Software (01/08 – 01/12)

Development of 3D models for casual games such as Urban Empires or Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.

  • World Builder at Pyro Studios (01/08 – 12/08)

Environment design and construction.End-to-end work: from a paper sketch to a finished playable environment.



Software Developer degree at IES Quevedo. Madrid 2010