UE4 Mine project

This project started climbing a mountain in Tenerife in 2015. I spent days going to different places to take photos of interesting rock formations to scan. More details of the process here.

Then I built this scene in UE4. I made a lot of other 3d assets, shaders and blueprints for the vr gameplay.

Italian Village

Never-ending project that I started in 2019. Working on it in spare time when motivation and inspiration comes 🙂

Early Earth

Sometime ago, while watching the BBC documentary ‘The Universe’, I came across a scene that left a strong impression on me. It is a recreation of the earth during the formation stage 4.5 billion years ago.

After seeing this scene, I felt a strong urge to do something similar on my own and here is the result.


UE4 Beach scene

Demo scene built in UE4 using some of the content I have done for some clients.

The Waterfall

Based on a concept by Jaime Martínez.

I decided to bring Martínez concept to life because of the potential I found on it: it was a good place to implement cool rendering features and a peaceful environment to work on.


Download video.

The Lighthouse (2010 – 2011)

After a holiday in Jandía, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), I started thinking about the possibilities of making 3D art inspired by the stunning seaside. Before starting modelling important stuff, I decided to sketch out my idea: a lighthouse on top of a cliff. This was my first attempt at concept art.



EPIC Games had something to say about it 😉

El Enigma de la Abadía

‘El Enigma De La Abadía’ (EEDLA) is an ambitious unfinished project: an amateur adventure game conceived as a tribute to an old arcade game called ‘La abadía del crimen’ (The Abbey of Crime), one of the most successful in the history of Spanish software. ‘La Abadía del Crimen’ was based on the great Umberto Eco’s novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ (1980) as well as on the film of the same name directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (1986). The cult game was created by Paco Menéndez and Juan Delcán and released in Spain by Opera Soft in 1987.

EEDLA team contacted me in 2009 to port their map into Unreal (AKA Dirty Job :D). Those were my very beginnings as a Technical Artist.

The Oilfield (q1 2009-q1 2011)

I started this project back in 2009. It was my first attempt at creating a project by myself from beginning to end. It remains unfinished.


World Builder (01/2008 – 12/2008)

Some screens of my work at Pyro Studios. I worked closely with level designers and concept artists to design these environments. Once my work with designers and art direction was completed, I was in charge of assets list for artists and world building.