Baking simulations

I was curious to take a look at Houdini and have tested it by making an impact between asteroids. I then added fx and lighting to finish building the impact.



I was in charge of visual effects for the game Endling. Rain, water splashes, fire, smoke, shorelines and contour waves, swimming trails, digging…


In January 22 I joined Estudio Future as VFX and material artist. I’m in charge of every effect in the game Rivals as well as “weird” shaders and scene polishing.

Water Drops aka Lens Wetness

I remember when I created this effect in UDK for ‘The Waterfall’. I also remember the problems I had back then. But thanks to Unity and its flexibility, I have had the chance to remake it correctly. I can now defocus the effect properly, it also deals with other transparent FX and DoF. I was pretty happy with the result and found it interesting, so I have released it at the asset store.

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