Fog Volume 3

Fog Volume 3 is a volumetric fog renderer designed to model a wide range of foggy situations.
Several lighting behaviors have been taken into account to achieve artistic or realistic results.


SAS – Standard Anisotropic Shader

SAS has been designed to cover a wide range of materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, wool, plastics, leather or metals. It features anisotropic highlight, which is perfect for brushed metals or fibers.

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Fog Volume

Fog Volume is a fog container designed to add ambient and deeper atmospheres into game environments.

Videotutorial | Documentation | Forum thread | Web player demo | Gradients demo

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Lens Dirtiness

Lens Dirtiness is an Image effect for cameras that adds the commonly known bloom effect with texture overlay that simulates lens dirtiness defocus. Works on mobile.

Video (old) | Web demo | Forum | Documentation

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Foggy Lights

Foggy Lights will enhance your light sources by adding a glowing effect around them. Works on Mobile.

Videotutorial | Documentation | Forum Thread


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Lens Wetness

Lens wetness will simulate water drops over the camera lens. It consists of a customizable particle effect, an optimized “GrabPass” method and a custom image postprocessing for closeup defocus.

Documentation | Web player demo | Forum


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Cloth Shader

This shader will represent key lighting behaviours of fabric. You can get a wide range of clothing effects such as carpet, silk or velvet.

Documentation | Chair Web player | Towel Web player | Forum

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