Fog Volume 3


Frequent updates will be available from this page for all the buyers. Asset store updates takes more time, sometimes some weeks, but you can get early access from here.

Already Asset store buyer?:


If you purchased v3.x from the Asset store you can join the petit comité. Being a member of this group gives you access to the latest version as it comes out of the oven without having to wait for the asset store revision process. Mail me your pdf invoice to process your access. You will get a 90% discount coupon.

No asset store buyer?

You can purchase directly from here and future versions will be also available for you without extra cost. But have in mind that I can not give you access from the Unity Asset Store.



You will get the base .package. Inside of the rar you will find a link to the content shown in the videos and documentation.
Postprocess package is required


Current version: 3.4.3

Date: 21 May 2021
Editor Version: 2020.3.2f1


Check the documentation for a detailed description of what’s new in this version.


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