Unite 2016: GPU instancing demo

Worked on this demo which demonstrates GPU instancing on Metal API.

Captures from my local project:



Apple WWDC 2016

Worked for Unity providing all content and the base scripting layout for Apple’s WWDC16 tessellation demo


Local screen capture

Unite 2014

I’ve been working lately for Unity Technologies in two projects, both shown at Unite 2014. In one hand, our car rendering project, for which I have developed a layered shader to model car paint features. It consists of a metallic base, lacquer layer and one more layer on top for dirtiness.

On the other hand, I have polished my skin rendering system for ADN. This project was also supported by Unity. I spent one month working on it at home. Once it was ready to rock, I went to Paris to meet ADN guys to get the demo done. It was an unforgettable and pleasant experience.