Unite 2016: GPU instancing demo

Worked on this demo which demonstrates GPU instancing on Metal API.

Captures from my local project:



Apple WWDC 2016

Worked for Unity providing all content and the base scripting layout for Apple’s WWDC16 tessellation demo


Local screen capture

Unite 2014

In 2014 I made two demos for Unity Technologies, both shown at Unite 2014. First one was a car rendering project, for which I have developed a layered shader to model car paint features. It consists of a metallic base, lacquer layer and one more layer on top for dirtiness.

I made this environment and material switcher app to test the shader under many different lighting situations.

Then I was asked to polish my skin rendering system for ADN. This project was also supported by Unity. I spent one month working on it at home. Once it was ready to rock, I went to Paris to meet ADN guys and get the demo done. It was an unforgettable and pleasant experience.