CinéPolis, a Cinema Browser

“Cinépolis” was my final year project (NVQ in Computer Programming, 2010-2011, Madrid).

I was aware that the final year project played a great role in displaying all that had been learnt during the computer programming studies. However, I wanted to take a step beyond, increasing my knowledge in programming and creating a final project slightly different from the others. Thus, I worked hard and I learnt WPF. After four intensive weeks, I was ready to start my project: « Cinépolis, a Cinema Browser ».

« Cinépolis » is an application that allows users to find a cinema for the movie they are looking for. The program works reading the information from an access database. When the movie is found, a list is shown. Once the movie is selected, its trailer is automatically played. The overview and the cinemas, plus some useful info, are also shown.
I built most of the controls with Expression Blend. WPF is awesome. 😀